1) I finally took the time to dress cute today.
2) My fellow classmates compliment on my outfit of the day and they told me I look beautiful.
3) I am passing political science with a B. (I want an A though! Haha)
4) My uncle bought my sister and I yummy spring rolls for lunch.
5) I went to one of my uncles’ house for sushi night and archery.

Today was well spent!

Archery for the first time.


1) I volunteered at the summer advantage program for upcoming college students with student government.
2) I had an avocado smoothie with boba and yummy spring rolls for brunch.
3) Today’s discussion for political science was very entertaining and interesting.
4) I reunited with some old friends from high school. One of my friends liked her early birthday gift!
5) After I hanged out with my friends, I ate dinner with my family.

Today was a great day and I am very blessed.


If someone cheats on you they do not love you, remember that. If someone cheats on you they do not care about you as much as they say they do. If someone cheats on you it means that for a split second you were off their mind long enough for them to put another person in arms that should only be for you. If someone cheats on you, dear god, I hope you don’t go back to them because you are worth so much more than that.

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Some people aren’t antisocial, they’re just very selective when it comes to who they associate with.


I used to be soft, kind, and loving. 
I used to know how to forgive. 

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When I’m hurt, I shut down. I turn into a total sarcastic bitch. I shut off my emotions, and act indifferent towards everything even though it might be killing me inside.

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Title: My Afternoon Dream Artist: Jhene Aiko 44,467 plays


My Afternoon Dream | Jhene Aiko

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JHENE ❤ Thanks for the new track


Here’s a serious advice. Even the nicest people have their limits. Don’t try to reach that point because the nicest people are also the scariest assholes when they’ve had enough.

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