Day 03: Your Brother/Sister

Dear Mary,

You want to know something? It seems like yesterday we were little kids running around our backyard being carefree and rebellious remember that? Now here we are all grown up. When grandfather was getting ready for the hospital before he passed away, he asked me to please watch over and take care of Mary while he is gone. I nodded and promised him with those words. Not only I was your big sister, I was also your second mother too. You are growing up so fast and it is insane. I have watched you grown up for the past eighteen years of my life and you are blossoming into such a beautiful, intelligent young lady. I know you are going through some difficult obstacles in life and mother is not supporting us but you are still remaining strong and you know I fully support you in anything you do. I am so proud of you darling. (: I know this year I pushed you, I nagged you, yell at you, and etc. I did that because I want you to have a better senior year than me and on top of that, I do not want you to follow the same mistakes that I did. I cannot wait to attend to your choir shows, AVID banquet, ceremonies, and etc but especially graduation. God has definitely blessed me such an amazing baby sister like you. Even though you picked on me on how tiny and old I am but it does not mean that I will ever stop loving you. I love you Irene Mary Thao Mi Duong with all my heart. <3  

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